About Island Delights

Island Delights Coconut Haystacks

The Island Delights Concept

Many years of living on a tropical island gave birth to an affection for an ease of living rarely found in today’s hectic world. One of our best memories is walking to the sound of coconut palms gently swaying in the breeze. Island Delights is our way of sharing a piece of this lifestyle with you. We hope you enjoy this taste of the tropics.

The History of Island Delights Coconut Haystacks

Island Delights Coconut Haystacks have been produced by our company since 1985. We travel abroad to select the freshest and best quality coconut available. Based in Seville, Ohio, Island Delights ships their “World Renowned” Coconut Haystacks all over the United States mainland and Hawaii!

We sincerely appreciate the opportunity of introducing to you our luscious, mouth-watering, coconut candy—-a pure tropical delight!!! We guarantee that you will feel a touch of the tropics when you try our ever-so-tasty candy. We would be “Island Delight-ed” to ship your order!

Premium coconut-based candy crafted with the finest ingredients from around the world.


Island Delights Coconut Haystacks Loved By All

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